Nicole is a licensed advisor who can connect you with various types of health coverage such as individual plans, family plans, small business and self employed health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, and supplemental insurance.

No!  It is no cost to speak with me about your situation.  Your payment will only come when a plan is chosen and deemed effective, and that payment will only be the premium for the plan itself.

The cost of health insurance depends on the type of coverage you choose and your individual demographics, such as age, gender, state of residence.  Nicole Reinhardt Health Plans can help you determine the most affordable cost of health insurance available to you.

Yes.  Nicole is experienced in working with small businesses with less than 50 employees, large groups of 1099’s and independent contractors, and small family businesses.  Contact us to learn how your business can save money and get enhanced benefits.

Yes!  There are a variety of health coverage options that exist, and Nicole can help determine in any time of the year what the best options are to qualify you for.

Yes.  Nicole is experienced in nationwide coverage and options that do not limit you to a specific area of the country.  Have the peace of mind that your coverage will travel with you.

The time of approval for a plan depends on individual parameters, but Nicole can help you get approved for a plan as quickly as possible, with most options able to become effective within just a few days.  Contact her to see how soon you can get protection in place.

That’s okay!  Insurance is an unfamiliar territory for most, which is why Nicole is so passionate about making sure you understand your options and protection available to you in full.  All you need to do is start, and she will help you walk toward your best solution from there.

Nicole is licensed and well experienced in a variety of solutions from both the public and private sides of the market.

It is proven that with the help of an experienced and licensed advisor like Nicole, individuals and families can save up to 50% on monthly premiums compared with attempting to shop the best rates online.  Furthermore, talking with an experienced advisor ensures you are also getting the quality of coverage that is essential for your unique needs, rather than simply matching a price tag.