Nicole was an absolute pleasure to work with. 

When we came in contact with her, we were on my company health insurance and had no idea that we were overpaying for health coverage and in a plan that wasn’t providing us with the most benefit we could have access to.  After Nicole spoke with us and looked at alternative options, we were qualified for a plan that saved us over $500 per month and gave us much more benefit for doctor visits and routine care.  We are very happy with our results!!

Jeffrey B.

I came to talk with Nicole after going into the field of travel nursing. 

I was recommended to her after talking with a coworker about the frustrations of having to change plans every contract, being without coverage between contracts, and paying a lot for what didn’t seem like great insurance.  Nicole listened to my situation in depth, and after doing an amazing job helping me understand the world of health coverage, got me into a plan that was a great rate, a nationwide network, and a plan I don’t have to worry about renewing every single time I take a new contract.  She is the absolute best!

Ashley M.

I am a realtor and prior to speaking with Nicole, I had always relied on doing basic web searches every year to find health coverage. 

Every year I would get overwhelmed by the sheer number of plans that exist, not knowing the differences between different types of plans, and not being completely confident that the plan I picked randomly on my own was actually the best coverage for me.  Nicole was amazing at giving me an education about health insurance that was not too in depth that I would feel overwhelmed, but helped me feel much more confident about why were looking at the particular options that we were.  The plan she set me up with has been incredible and the best coverage I’ve had to date.

Thomas P.

Nicole is awesome!! Flat out. 

I’ve never met someone so caring, patient and willing to go to lengths to make sure I am completely informed in my decision.  10/10 recommend speaking with her if you need any guidance or clarity in this process.

Sarah M.

My family was initially on COBRA when I was recommended to talk to Nicole. 

After learning about my family’s situation and all of our needs, she ended up qualifying us for coverage that saved us over $1,500 per month and is even better than the coverage my new employer offers.  We’ve used the coverage many times for our family with sicknesses, my kid’s sports injuries, routine care, and a surgery I had to have, and we have loved the plan in each and every scenario.  Nicole is truly knowledgeable in setting people up with the right coverage for them.

Jason L.